For nine years running I’ve received a Super Service Award from Angie’s List. I do love what I do, and here are a few words from my clients:

Even though I've been in my own business for a long time, I still get stuck with minor and sometimes major tech troubles. I called Kelley after a major crash, at the suggestion of a good friend who is very picky. Because of her recommendation, I had high expectations, which he met and even exceeded. He is especially good with non-tech types like me patient but not patronizing. Sometimes I call him just to talk me off the ledge when I am stuck. He's available for both telephone and in-person consultation. I would highly recommend him!

Julie Paradise, Communications Strategies, Chicago, IL

Until recently, I worked in offices large and small for more than 20 years. All had IT departments, but the support consistently fell way short of the help Kelley provided. Over the past year I’ve operated a home-based business that relies totally on my computer. The recent economic downturn made running a business challenging, and every penny counts. If not for him, I would have needed a new computer I couldn’t afford, and the rates he charges are totally reasonable for the magic he performs. He seems to know everything possible about technology, explains things clearly, and does it all with patience and humor. Thank you for all you do.

– Carol Slott, Chicago, IL

WOW. This guy lives up to his ratings. He hit the ground running. At one point, he was working four computers at the same time. (They're not all mine, my wife uses one of them.) While one was downloading software, another was scanning for malware and he was on the keyboard of the third. All the while he is giving me advice -- about computers. I am very happy with the results.

– Allen Matthews, Oak Park, Illinois

I have had Kelley here several times: once to "clean up" my computer for faster performance; once to do a security installation, once to teach me some basic computer techniques and once to record some information onto a disc. Every time I have called or e mailed Kelley he responds promptly and pleasantly and schedules a timely appointment depending on the urgency of my problems.

     If it's really urgent he comes within 24 hours. He is always easy to talk with, fun to have around and makes efficient use of his time. He doesn't waste a minute. He has also provided support to me on the phone and via e mail without charging. He is terrific support for me and is patient with my limited computer skills. He most recently drove an hour to get here just to inform me I had plugged my printer into the wrong place. He was not upset. He didn't laugh at me. He didn't charge me.

Carol Senderowitz, Chicago, Illinois

After two hours with the Geek Squad, we were still having trouble with our home computer: it was slow to open and then would periodically freeze up. I contacted Zen Support to resolve the issue. Kelley came to our house on time, quickly diagnosed the issue; replaced programs that were part of the problem, and was finished within an hour. We haven't had any issues since. I will definitely use Zen Support for ongoing computer maintenance and support.

Cacinda Kuhn, Chicago, IL

He was incredibly knowledgeable and he didn't waste any time. He knew exactly what to do when he knew what the problems were. He is extremely technical and systematic. I don't believe that there is any problem that he couldn't fix. If there is a fix for the problem he knows what it is. He was very honest and easy to get along with. I would rather pay him than send my computer back to the manufacturer even though it's under warranty. I was incredibly impressed and I come from the industry. He was clean cut and an amazing professional. He was absolutely great. I won't go to anyone else from now on. He was worth every penny I paid him.

Mary Lasko, Chicago, Illinois

    All of this testimony is 100% true and this is the best contractor I have used! Kelley had fixed the problem in about 10 minutes. He told me he would only charge me a partial hourly charge, but I asked him to stay and perform some other upgrades/fixes for my Mac laptop.

    He was amazing! He was able to add spyware software and virus protection. He basically cleaned up both systems and explained every step in a way I could understand. Normally I have a company IT person who I have to rely on for answers when my company computer has a problem.

    Kelley was 1000% BETTER than any other IT person I have ever dealt with! Not only did he do the work I requested, after he left I had a problem with a wireless connection. He diagnosed it over the phone and suggested I get a new wireless router (about $50). Once I got the router, he took my call at 10:30 PM and walked me through set up and configuration! I would recommend him to ANYONE who is having ANY computer issue at all! AWESOME!

Chuck Sherline, Chicago, Illinois

I know I can always count on Kelley to bail me out of a technical problem. I really appreciate his dedication to solve any issue with my Mac, and his willingness to come by at crazy hours. Thanks so much!

– Meghan Lee, Chicago, Illinois, Meghan-Lee.com

We moved here from overseas and Kelley had our office and its network up and running in one evening! He's quick, efficient and friendly. He listens, and he doesn't recommend expensive things you don't need!

– Patricia Billings, Chicago, Illinois

Kelley has been a big help setting up my new computer system and keeping it running smoothly. Kelley is knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. As the owner of a small graphic design business, I depend on my computer running well every day. It is reassuring to know I have a trusted resource to call on when I need help.

– Scott Hight, Graphic Artist, Chicago, Illinois

We found Kelley to be personable and highly competent. He wasted no time; whipping our computer into shape. Actually, what he does is patiently patrol its inner workings until, like a surgeon, he spots the problem and operates. Thanks to him our patient (a Mac) is doing fine! Kelley is first rate and unflappable.

– Tom & Marcia Palazzolo, Oak Park, Illinois

Thanks for your prompt response and your super-human abilities.

– David O'Connor, Chicago, Illinois

Thank you! I've been having such a great time with the new computer that many times I find it hard to shut it down and get to bed.

- Amy Miller, Teacher, Highland Park, Illinois

Thanks Kelley, you are a pleasure to work with and use analogies that I can actually get my mind around!

– Kim McQuiston, Graphics & Advertising, Tom’s Price, Wheaton, Illinois

    As a professional graphic designer, I appreciate all of Kelley’s expertise with the Macintosh. It's not always easy to find someone who understands the needs of Mac users! The fact that he is in tune with the graphic arts industry and its specific needs quality printers, servers, design applications is invaluable.

    I know that any question I throw at him will have an answer. My extended family is happy too. They sleep better knowing they have a person to turn to. (Family pictures are at stake!) Who knew there would be a person out there who is well versed in both Mac and PC.

– Holly Miller, Graphic Designer/Illustrator, Evanston, Illinois